The Marvelo Project Team

The Marvelo music grew from a three week collaboration between nine local eleven year olds from the Folkestone Academy, teachers Ross and Maria Johnson, local artist Lisa Hall and Kaffe Matthews.

Installing a creative sound laboratory in Folkestone, together they explored location and maps, identifying routes and personal histories within the town, going onto the streets to listen and record, coming back to the Lab to slash and mix sound pieces from their findings. Run as a collective sound atelier, ideas were drawn and developed together and alone. Taking frequent walking, swimming, cycling and ‘listening’ trips the group worked as field researchers, constantly referring back to and developing their maps as scores, and findings as music back in the Lab.

So the fragments and pieces were gradually and collectively laid over the streets of the town, creating one huge composition that hung as an invisible architectural framework, waiting to be played by the GPS triggering bicycles, facilitated by the collaboration with Hive Networks.