Marvelo Audio

Acquiring the optimum system, powering it and securing it successfully to a bicycle proved to be much more complex than anticipated.

” you’ll never get stereo off a bike love, use one speaker, yes…. mounted in the middle,

use headphones,

use computer speakers,

use those fabulous i-pod speakers,

use those fabulous wATErproof i-pod speakers. “

Has anyone who cares about music ever listened to those things? A month of research proved that no computer speakers were worth it (not possible to carry an extra bass box), and the best way forward was with domestic hi-fi EVO bookshelf speakers,(also in many colours) a Kenwood stereo car amp, (nowadays very hard to find something not too huge and powerful) driven off a motorbike battery.

David’s sturdy design mounted the speakers on the Bike’s front pole as proposed, leaving the handlebars free and weightless for the cyclist.


For a full range of frequencies to be clearly heard with Marvelo Bike in transit on a possible windy seaside afternoon at best quality possible.


Stereo off a bike not possible?

Fie you ! Domestic streets with tall Georgian houses provide a stunning acoustic and a clear stereo image could be heard even through the noisy Bus laden streets. I’ve never heard stereo on the move like this before, and that’s just for the rider. Testing all over London and Folkestone ceaselessly amuses and delights passers by. ah yes, we move onwards

WICKED! is that a sound system she’s got on her bike?!