M u s i c


‘The swamp‘  score is made of 3 audio cycling routes that travel towards the sonic garden of Ledeberg from the Snoepwinkel/Candy Store, Vooruit, Ghent city centre, with the addition of the bonus Grail trail.(long blue curve on map below)

The music that plays is made from sounds and tunes recorded and made in Ghent, triggered by your passing through on an audio bicycle. The faster or slower you pedal, so the less or more will be revealed. Ghost zones will also fly around following the time of day. Playing music made from the layers beneath the streets, they may collide with your path. The Ledeberg Garden is full of butterfly nets that will trap and play different sounds for you each time you visit. The sounds used have been gathered by KM and EV meeting, recording and working with the history and people of Ghent, specifically Ledeberg during 2012.

The music cannot be played here exactly as its ingredients will be pulled together as you cycle the routes but an example on Route 2 could be:Route2_Jingle

‘The swamp‘  is about many things including listening site specifically.  About how the eyes see differently when they hear things related to where they are.  Ledeberg, for example, will be transformed into a sonic garden.  Finding and exploring within it is one aspect of what the piece and  journey is about. We cycle from the town centre, over the water, to the Garden.


ROUTE 1. The Yellow Route.

The CANAL-ZOO route towards the Muinck park: the canal, backs of buildings, quiet, reflective, content: Luis de Meester Studio, gold, animals, history. (de Meester archive, Guldenspoor straat, Battle, Gold, the zoo.)


ROUTE 2. The Purple Route.

The timelab route: The plain, the swamp,the digital now, the underground river, Brusselspoort straat, spiritual, the Beginjhof, social housing,  home brewed spirits a) the Liquor store and b) Roomer factory.


ROUTE 3. The Blue Route. ( An early testing version, LISTEN)

History city to water, the Visserj , the canal as route, transport, as people , as boat, as rivers, to the sea.


ROUTE 4. The Holy Grail trail. (An early testing version, WATCH)

To the space of the river Schelde, geese and adjacent swamp meadow, curving east along the cycle path. Maybe an extra for the intrepid cyclist. Accompanied by de Meester’s Lancelot love score, processed by Matthews. (Surreal, magical, love song, with geese geese lots of geese, but creating a sense of absolute peace and listening.)

Details within the 3 different routes towards Lederberg will also be rich and varied enough for someone not able to go so far, to have a rich experience of the streets they get to. Ledebird music will appear in different places on all 3 routes. Each time you go, you could have a different experience.
The Ledebirds in rehearsal,Feb 2012.DanceMarch_birds1 1