Saturday 3rd November

The last weekend coming up for “The swamp that was.….”  Sad not to be with you. Thank you all at Electrified, thank you all cyclists for pedalling and spreading the music. Hoping you have a wonderful final weekend!  KM.

Monday 8th October

Voted most interesting project of the fair, William, Nancy and Erna performed magnificently at the Imarkt Technology Fair, Ghent on Saturday 29th. Still a month to get your rides in!



Tuesday 3rd October

Bikes still rolling from the Snoepwinkel come rain or shine.

Monday October 2nd

DON’T MISS:  Dave Griffiths/foAm programmer for ‘The swamp...  rides out on Nancy and tells his tale

(pic.. Kurt at timelab keeping speakers at that crucial position)

Monday September 3rd

Dave makes a visualization of swamp score with ghost zones migrating across the city.
We’re on the road.

Saturday September 1st

The Swamp that was… opens at the Snoepwinkel, Vooruit, Ghent.

Friday 1st September














Electrified III is opening at SMAK. Duncan and Kaffe will make live performances,  foam are passing round wild food creations and we have created a Roomer based cocktail. With the works going live to the public tomorrow, it could be a long night.

Photos Reinhold Friedl.


Thursday 30th August

Out early testing the Ledeberg Garden. I have ghost zones swooping small electronic sounds through the neighbourhood with the instruction to play a sound in a start zone which will then take 10 minutes to move to the end zone.These ghosts are mapped over things such as blowing sonic marsh grass,  birds in a meadow, timelab night time cicadas, dogs barking across a field, Blanka singing, the Turkish sisters talking over tea and fags, the Ledebirds rehearsing, Mattias playing, an owl in the park and kids rapping. More time needed and we preview tomorrow night. Interesting.

Wednesday August 29th













I have never used streets and what I’ve discovered has happened there as score with such precision before. Having had to spend so much of this project listening, meeting and researching on site without functioning instruments to test with on the streets, (the audio bicycles), too much time has been spent in the Swamp studio, creating a massive body of material to work with. The problem now is that I’m wanting to be precise along these routes therefore with how things play back, so the technology has to be fully functioning to enable this. However, for the last 10 days, I’ve been having to spend 70% of time sourcing and fixing the problems that arise with things such as mapping software and editing GPS marked zones, GPS shadows on the street, oddities added into data files via email causing malfunction in code, mismatch between Mac and Linux systems, my complete lack of ability on any other platform apart from Mac,  analysis via skype, volumes of sound,  AIFF’s masquerading as WAV’s, incorrectly wired speakers, bike stands dropping off and the remote factor of any collaboration/support. We had not intended it to be like this. The surprised and grinning public as I occasionally test-cycle by, bleeping noise or  tunes or old school electro-acoustic de Meester swathes amongst animal grunts not to mention timelab team, keeps the spirit going. Onwards.

Monday August 27th

This is the score of the whole piece. The 3 routes from the Snoepwinkel , Vooruit, to the bridge over the riverSchelde and into the Garden(green area) in Ledeberg. The purple curve is the sublime Grail Trail. I don’t want cyclists to be distracted and stressed by carrying maps to find their way, so am inserting sonic indicators into the routes. Dave has written a system that plays this sound out of right or left speaker depending on which direction your going in. They must be mapped with needlepoint precision.