The empty pot fills (2011)


is a six channel composition for the Minka House, Kew Gardens by Kaffe Matthews.

Commissioned on the day of the 2011 tsunami, Matthews has collaborated with Ryoko Akama and family in Sendai, Japan, placing their daily lives within the house to bring it to life.  Inspired by Japanese folk music, Shindo and Kurosawa’s Dodes’ka-den, she has woven voice, sticks, shamisen, drum and gong in a work that will endlessly change throughout the day.
Songs sung by Dale Berning and Komachiyo Okada.
Open daily from 9.30-6.30pm until September 25th.
 “The empty pot fills, overflows, breathe,”  LIVE.
On Saturday 30th July, Matthews and Akama will make two improvised performances with dancer Mariko Satomi, inside the house.
Voice, flute, electronics :                       Ryoko Akama, (Japan)

Processing, spatialisation :                   Kaffe Matthews,(UK)

Dance :                                                          Mariko Satomi (Japan)

Playing the sounds that Matthews used to make ‘the Empty Pot fills’ , they will together improvise, responding to the sounds and atmosphere inside the House, to make a unique and site specific experience for visitors. Akama and Satomi are both from Sendai, an area at the heart of the March earthquake disaster, Japan.