foreigner (2017)

duration 26 mins
acousmatic stereo composition for full range speakers plus subs.
sound source – single drawbar voices, ELKA concorde 400, electric accordion organ.


foreigner was made for labor sonor, kunsthaus KuLe |august str. 10 | 10117 berlin-mitte    17.4.17

to draw a line, a border, then construct or build that line using blocks of sound. then make and attempt to move other sounds across that line from either side to explore what will happen to them as they move then cross the line, and when they arrive and stay.

building a line using pitches immediately creates motion by the different beatings that will be generated between the different pitches when they are played against each other. different beatings of varying rhythms whose motion is not initially predictable but that can be learned then understood so manipulated using purposeful and tiny alterations of pitch are used therefore to make the piece. also careful placement of tones in time and position in relation to each other.

foreigner uses a sonification of the word to create a specific sequence of notes, in effect an arbitrary line that at the same time is the crucial source of the composition. these notes are played and recorded in reverse order in neighbouring pairs, using full vibrato and medium sustain on the ELKA. the results are then carefully placed against each other and moved and mixed to explore and utilise the effects of the beating.

foreigner is therefore an acousmatic piece, to be played in complete dark. There is nothing to watch, it is for listening.