Buzz Bike

February 19th, 2018


The new Buzz Bike‘s aim is to give music to the cyclist and the passenger (/s) not just through their ears but also their bodies, and we are working with four bass transducers attached tight to the underside of the box as well as four speakers fitted above to do this. This means the possibility of an eight channel audio output, which if built into the system, would mean that different frequencies could be aimed at different parts of the body as well as the possible making of spatialised and architectural compositions. Considering that the experience of lying horizontal gazing skywards as you’re rolled through changing landscapes is already mind blowing, this could well be overkill.  However, we’ve been considering multi-channel projection within a bike mounted passenger box for so long, that we can’t resist the opportunity to undertake a week’s research exploring Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone platforms and optimum multichannel USB audio interfaces to realise this.

Great news then that a week has been booked in July with Sukandar Kartadinata to see what we can come up with.  Watch this space.

BACKGROUND to this story


Oxford Handbook of Algorhythmic Music

February 12th, 2018



Finally. The fantastic book on which Roger and Alex have been working so hard is out. Honoured and delighted to have contributed chapter 27.  AVAILABLE HERE.


synopsis : With the ongoing development of algorithmic composition programs and communities of practice expanding, algorithmic music faces a turning point. Joining dozens of emerging and established scholars alongside leading practitioners in the field, chapters in this Handbook both describe the state of algorithmic composition and also set the agenda for critical research on and analysis of algorithmic music. Organized into four sections, chapters explore the music’s history, utility, community, politics, and potential for mass consumption. Contributors address such issues as the role of algorithms as co-performers, live coding practices, and discussions of the algorithmic culture as it currently exists and what it can potentially contribute to society, education, and ecommerce.  [ more ]

day five- buzz bike completion

January 26th, 2018


It’s the end of the week and buzz is not complete.  We’ve discovered the bike needs to be professionally finished, meaning that the completed frame needs spraying which has to happen before the box can be fitted, glued and sealed. This also has to be done very carefully as we don’t want any rattling, so yes the time needed increases for everything. However, the thick ply is perfectly cut, ready to go and we’ve almost agreed a final colour.


day four pm- buzz bike completion

January 25th, 2018


We have agreed the design for the entry/exit of passengers which is at the front end of the box.  As well as ease of access, we have to consider a dramatic change in weight which if not counterbalanced will tip up the bike and could even eject a rider. The above fold down ladder solution seems to cover all issues. Provides stationary support to bike and an aid for the mounting passenger. Brilliant Nick.

day four am- buzz bike completion

January 25th, 2018


buzz bike is not only rideable, it’s smooth and light and so manoeuverable I want to fill it with kittens and pedal them around. I am also stunned at the clear musical accompaniment that comes into my head.

With brakes and gears fully functioning, the vibrating seat is next.

day three- buzz bike completion

January 24th, 2018


This has to be one of the best eight channel table top portable sound systems I’ve yet made,  entirely running from 1 x 12V battery. The table hums and vibrates with descending frequencies and the tops sing and spin straight or in motion as requested. Sys now ready to get on the box, so time to cut and fit the thick ply into the frame. We know this won’t be as simple as it sounds.

Nick grinding and singing in the freezing workshop but we’re nearing cycling ready action which should be tomorrow.


day two – buzz bike completion

January 23rd, 2018



We have agreed to buy an extra wide and long bike seat having found that there are several Fat Bum bike seats on the market.  buzz bike is made from recycled bicycles and we find our bike seat post is an old size that has become specialized. Local cycle suppliers are helpful but its now up to the speed of online deliveries.

Still, we have handlebars and brakes in place by lunchtime and Imagineer Productions are delighted, although the above box design agreement moment is not yet moving anywhere.

day one – buzz bike completion

January 22nd, 2018


Back in Coventry at Imagineer Technologies to complete Vibrator Bike –  having bowed to popular demand, now renamed buzz bike.

Nick and Kaffe agree that the list of requirements for its completion in this order comprise:

1. making it rideable – ie, seat, handlebars, pedals, chain, breaks and gears.

2.  agree design for entry exit at the front of the bike.

3.  cut 18mm and 12 mm marine ply to replace too flexible 6mm and 9mm used in sept 2017 prototype.

4.  create buzz bike seat. option 1. build version developed from prototype or 2. buy wide fat bike seat underneath  which transducer to be fitted.

5.  audio. Kaffe still wanting to work with eight channel output if possible. we have 4 minirigs and 4 transducers:

the minirigs on top of the box, one pair facing lying passenger/cluster of kids inside the box,  one pair at the back of the box facing cyclist.

transducers underneath box, two mapped to lying body- calves and butt, the third behind angled back rest and fourth under cyclist bike seat.

a.k.a.  Sonic bed on wheels?


Gottsched Nights #2

January 11th, 2018

Audience flood in two minutes before we kick off for the second in the Gottsched Nights haus concert series here in Berlin. It’s also the first time that many of us have seen each other this year.

Audrey Chen opens with voice and electronics.
Ganzfeld, Liz Albee -trumpet and electronics and Sukandar Kartadinata -bass guitar, performing an immersive set through eight transducers attached to the surfaces surrounding us. Never realised hollow walls next to solid ones would produce such riches.

Both concerts are brilliant. We are delighted.

Sonic Bed OPEN at Funkhaus for 2018

January 11th, 2018


Sonic Bed_London  is OPEN again at the Funkhaus for extraordinary experience for you through sound & vibration before every concert programmed there through January and February 2018… FREE.

Schedule details..

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