KAFFE MATTHEWS.   Curriculum vitae

Formal Education

1990-1991 Master of Art, Music Technology, (Distinction). University of York, UK.

1980-1983 BSc Honours, Zoology. University of Nottingham, UK.

Has made solo sound works from events and places in : –

Aarhuus, Adelaide, Alberquerque, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Austin, Baden-Baden, Baltimore, Barcelona, Belfast, Belgrade, Berlin, Bern, Basel, Bordeaux, Bologna, Boston, Brest, Bridlington, Brighton, Bristol, Brno, Brussels, Budapest, Bydgoscz, Cambridge US, Cambridge UK, Cardiff, Chicago, Cleveland, Colchester, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dartington, Detroit, Dublin, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Ely, Exeter, Faenza, Florence, Frankfurt, Fribourg, Gateshead, Gdansk, Geneva, Ghent, Glasgow, Gotenborg, Good Easter, Hamburg, Hasselt, Helsinki, Ho Chi Minh City, The Headlands Peninsula, SF, Houston, Huddersfield, Isabela Island, Krakow, Leeds, Leicester, Lisbon, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Ljubliana, Lucerne, Macerata, Malmo, Manchester, Mandelay, Melbourne, Meldola, Mexico City, Montreal, Munster, Nantes, Nancy, Newcastle, New York, Nickelsdorf, Norwich, Nottingham, Nove Zamky, Novi Sad, Oberlin, Oxford, Oslo, Paris, Perth, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Porto, Poznan, Prague, Quebec City, Reading, Riga, Rome, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Santa Fe, Seattle, Setubal, Schio, Shanghai, Singapore, Szczecin, Sheffield, Springfield, St Etienne, St Louis, Stirling, Stockholm, Svalbaad, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Vara,  Victoriaville, Vienna, Ville d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, Vilnius, Warsaw, Washington, Wels, Wigry, Winnipeg, Wroclaw, Yangon, Zaragoza, Zurich.


Significant solo commissions include:-


‘lean to go up, slow to go loud’  –  a sonic bike work that explores freedom and celebrates escape, made with Sukandar Kartadinata & BRI, commissioned for mikromusik, festival of experimental music and sound art.


Finding Song Home’ – a bicycle opera and eight sonic bikes for Brussels,  commissioned by opera house La Monnaie de la Munt and Q-O2. Made with local residents, questioning birthright. May 2015 – June 2016.

 The Coventry Pedalling Games sonic bike game f0r shoppers, Millennium Place, Coventry, UK.  Commissioned by Festival of Imagineers 2015.

Pedalling SeaSides’ inspires solo or communal riding along the dune bike paths, Kijkduin, Holland.  Commissioned by iii The Hague. July-August 2015.



‘Segundo Barrio’  – a bicycle opera. with  2nd Ward, East End, residents, writers, musicians and Ripley House, Houston, Texas. A Nameless Sound commission. 9-30.9.14

‘The lock shift songs’  3D sonic installation for three sonic beds & 7 channel ceiling system, made from 86 mile solo canal walk & resulting song, ’77 starts with seven, walked in seven, 77′. Commissioned by IF Milton Keynes 2014. 18-27.7.14

The Pedalling Games’  interactive sonic bike piece made for Fordham Park, SE 14, London, commissioned by BEAM @ NIME. 1-3.7.14

‘zu Bong‘  sonic bike work for Bonn, commissioned by Carsten Seiffarth for bonn hoeren festival 2014. 12-22.5.14



‘Yird Muin Starn’ , an LP of cosmological songs & music and three Sky Gazer chairs  permanently installed in the Galloway Forest (2013), Scotland.  A Vital Spark collaboration with Mandy McIntosh.

“Opera fiXi”  a bicycle opera for Porto, commissioned by Serralves em Festa 2013, curated by Pedro Rocha 25.6 -29.6.13.

” The Marja trio”   a  composition for two sonic bikes, Marjaniemi harbour, Hailuoto. Commissioned by Hai Art  May 2013.



“ You might come out of the water every time singing”.   a 3D audio installation made from the hunting tracks of Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos. Calouste Gulbenkian  Foundation, Charles Darwin Society commission. Bluecoat, Liverpool.

The swamp that was… a bicycle opera from the ground of Ganda,  commissioned by timelab for Electrified with SMAK as part of TRACK.



” The empty pot fills, overflows, breathe.” a six channel composition for the Minka House, Kew Gardens. Commissioned the day of the March tsunami.



” Where are the wild ones? ” part one.  A 30 minute 12 channel composition made from Atlantic salmon journeys up the River Tyne, UK.  A RIVERS commission for AV Festival 10.  Premiered at The Sage, Gateshead, March.


“In clean air we fly” cycle powered eight channel audio installation for Gillett Sq, London N16. Commissioned by Invisible Dust.


“Sonic_Bed_Marfa” with 12 channel work from “cactal ”: The Ballroom Sessions, Marfa, Texas, USA.

“ men being butterflies” work for GRM acousmonium, PRESENCES électronique, Salle Olivier Messiaen, Paris.

“ the Marvelo Project” outdoor work for GPS linked audio systems, bicycles, local kids, Folkestone Sculpture Triennial.



“ Sonic Bench_Mexico” concrete Sonic Bench, Transitio-Int.MX-02, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City.

“ Viewing_1” for roaming wireless headphones,the World Financial Plaza, New York, a Roulette commission.

“ Laura” for headphones and walking a route, Loughborough town centre, a Radar commission.

“ Sonic Bed_Scotland” with 12 channel work “sleeping song”, Le Weekend, Tolbooth, Stirling, Scotland.

“ Body Abiding” with BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Jonathan Harvey, City Halls, Glasgow, Scotland.

Sonic Bed_Quebec” with 12 channel work “melt inevitable”, Avatar, Le Mois Multi, Quebec City, Canada.



“ Sonic Bed _Taipei” with 12 channel “Bending”, ETAT, Xingshin Hall, Digital Arts Festival, Taipei, Taiwan.

“ Sonic Bed_Shanghai with 12 channel work, “Horn” British Council, Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai, China.


“ Sonic Bed_London ” with 12 channel “Bend”, Her Noise, South London Gallery, London.

“ This is for you” text and chaise longue at Playing John Cage, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, UK.

Three Crosses of Queensbridge Rd” bicycles+radios, Sounds Like Drawing, Drawing Room, London.

“ Environmental cleaning moments” installation, deSchone Kunsten galerie, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

“ No-one here but us chickens” for 8 instrumentalists, Sound of Heavan+Earth, TATE Modern, London.



“ Snow over Feline, Sometimes Tiny” 4 day live installation, cellar & theremin. Transmediale Festival, Berlin.

“ Anyware” Livecast. London to 11 countries & the Kitchen, New Sound New York Festival, New York.

“ Played Bare” quad performance for wooden hall+theremin. Sonic Arts Network Commission. Uni.Leicester.


“ dashes from a small room” for headphones, glass chamber& theremin.The Moderns, Castello di Rivoli, Turin.

“ Radio Cycle 101.4FM” 7 day Radio Station + works for sonic cyclists. Interference Public Art, London.

“ Out with the Cold” quad performance for wooden loft & theremin. Experimental Intermedia, New York.


“ drop time” for Red Chair and travelling train resonances. Reading Station,Reading. City Stages commission.

“ pan* not pon* ” 12hrs live for Radio. AVATAR/An Excavation sonoré commission. Québec City, Canada.

23’ 40” performance, plastic room + theremin. The Baltic Arts Centre, Gateshead. BBC Radio3 commission.

wap side up” for headphones, gallery-studio telephone processing. A GAIN commission, Apex Art, New York.


“ pink house” performance, marble hall & theremin. Museum of Contemporary Art Serralves, Porto, Portugal.

“ Concerto for Kaffe Matthews & dry ice” performance & dry ice. High Zero Festival commission, Baltimore.


“ located b” work for foyer. Sonic Boom exhibition, curator David Toop. The Hayward Gallery, London.

“ located” work for headphones. A VOLUME commission. PS1, Queens, New York.

” Red Chair” with “de cardiac bass”, DON’T WORRY, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Commission, London.

“ take a guide” work for Red Chair from chauffeuress Limo journey, Beckett Time Fest, Tramway, Glasgow.


“ absolute zero” 6 channelled live installation,water,10ft ice figures,dancers.The Dome, Brighton Arts Festival.

“ call me” 8hr performance, violin, telephone, caller & 12 city telephone boxes. Metronom Gallery, Barcelona.


“ the living room” 12hr live installation, Stoke Newington Festival commission, Builders Merchants, London.

“ for doris whincopp” for sonic armchair. Pensioners musical box, processing. Norwich Arts Centre, Norfolk.


“ squarespout” installation, 25 channels.Trafalgar Sq.fountains to LYD-Galleri, under City Sq., Copenhagen.

“Sonic Armchair” playing “Aral”, flying Boeing 737+Glaswegian pensioner PlacemadeMobile,London & Glasgow.

Significant CollaborationsWith the Lappetites (AGF, Eliane Radigue, Ryoko Akama, Blanca Regina) ; the Gluts/Café Carbon (Hayley Newman, Gina Birch) ; M.I.M.E.O.; Mandy McIntosh, Zeena Parkins, David Muth, Sachiko M, Marina Rosenfeld, Ikue Mori, Andy Moor, Shri, Pan-Sonic, Granular Synthesis, Fennesz, as well as: –

2012  Yird Muin Starn a star gazing shelter project in the Galloway Forest. with Mandy McIntosh. A Vital Spark Award.

2009 Café Carbon a portable musical performance made with the Gluts

2009 ‘Fathers’, a six channel audio-visual opera with the Lappetites. Premiered at Haus der Kulturen den Welt, Berlin.

2007 Sleeping Beauty & friends Karen Kilimnik Ballet, , New PlayersTheatre,London, made & performed score.

2005 Merce Cunningham Dance Co, John Paul Jones, Philip Selway, Steve Montague, Barbican theatre, London.

2005 Sounding Architecture + Lynn Cox + vision impaired adults. Made and directed the collective making and performance of

Head in a Sauna, Feet in a Cloud, 8 channel work, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, by Siza & de Moura, London.

2004 George Lewis Ensemble, Baden-Baden, SWR2, Neue Music, Germany.

2004 Weightless Animals. Online sonic space cartoons & 12” picture disk .2 yr NASA research.   BAFTA award.

2003 Lifting Concrete Lightly. Directed 3 hour work for MIMEO. Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, Oscar Niemeyer.

2003 Data Knitting. perf + Sadie Plant, Brian Duffy.DEAF, Dutch Electronic Arts Fest 2003, V2, Rotterdam.

2002 The Lappetites, with “Desk to the water cooler”. live proposals for opera. The Kitchen, New York City.

2001 Drop,Hop,Drone,Scratch,Slide & A for Anythinglive Marina Rosenfeld, Whitney Museum, New York City.

2001 Rothko slab & inbetween. 24 hr continuous performance, MIMEO. Musique D’action Festival, Nancy.

2000 Fiber Jellies. Optically interlinked perf with Nicolas Collins, Alvin Lucier, Scanner, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

1999 Syzygy. Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson/LondonFieldworks,  kites & weather,  ‘weather made’. Sanda Island, Scotand

1999 Wired in the outback. Taut wires, red rocks, uplinking, 1 month + Dr. Alan Lamb, W.Australian desert.

1998 Mobile Home. Virtual living space , short film , Mandy McIntosh. A Sonic Arts Network commission.

1997 The Suit. Live with Hayley Newman. Galleria 1997. Oszi Festival ,Budapest.

1996 Behind the Gap. Live processes, drums+violin,Charles Hayward.LMC fest comm., Conway Hall, London.

1996 Conduction. Butch Morris. Improvising Orchestra. UK Tour ,Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.

1995 The Brood. Director Susan Stenger. Live performance Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.

1994 Voiceover. interactive violin & image projection+Simon Biggs. Trumans Brewery, Brick Lane, London.

1993 HOPE. MIDI violin score, live+ text. Desperate Optimists. Barclays New Stages Award. London.

Significant posts held.

July 2014  Artistic Director, the Bicrophonic Research Institute(BRI).

November 2009 Member of the National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools

June 2009 Patron of Galapagos Conservation Trust shark project.

May 2007 Panel, commissions for CyberSonica Festival, Kinetica Gallery, London.

February 2006 Honorary Professor of Music, Shanghai Music Conservatory, China.

January 2006 Director of music for bodies, terrestrial and virtual research into new ways of making and listening to music, London.

August 2005-08 Director of Vision Machine, Audio-film collective, London.

May-Sept 2003 Teacher. Sound to music composition, Haggerston School for Girls,Hackney, London

May-Sept 2003. Teacher. Sound to music composition, Central School for Girls, Bow, London .

2002-2006 Director & founder field61’. Promotes monthly Live Digital Music events,London E8 +Resonance Radio,104.4FM.

2001 to 2008 Artistic advisor to STEIM, (electronic music studios). Amsterdam, NL.

2001 Jury, Digital Musics, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.

1998 -2000 Visiting tutor. Live electronic techniques. Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London,

1997 Director, London Musicians’ Collective (LMC), London, UK.

1997 to present. Director+founder of Annette Works label, studio, making electronic music from acoustic sound via live exploitation of digital gadgets.  6 solo cd releases & 12” pic disk.

1994 -1996 Director, Sonic Arts Network, London, UK

1991 –1996 Lecturer, introduced Performance Technology course, Dartington College of Arts, UK.

1995 ‘New Digital Instruments’ panel. Hypermusic Symposium, MIT conference,QEH London.

1994 Director, Computer Music Composition course. Dartington Int. Summer school, Devon.

1983 2nd Class Diver,  British Sub Aqua Club.

1980 Member of the British Sub Aqua Club.

Solo international residencies and awards.

September 2011       Research residency, ISIS, Newcastle,+ L.Harrington, score creation,Where Wild..

April 2009                Artist in residence, Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

September 2008     Artist in Residence, The Headlands, Sacramento, California.

February 2008         Artist in Residence, GRM, (Groupe Recherche Musicale), Maison Radio, Paris 16eme, France

May 2007                 Artist in residence, the Tolbooth, Stirling, Scotland.

February 2007             Artist in residence, Avatar, Nom de la Chose, Quebec City.

May 2006             Award of Distinction, Digital Musics, ARS Electronica 2006, Sonic Bed_London.

Sept 2005-06     NESTA Dreamtime Fellowship,   research “Music for Bodies”.

April 2005  Artist in residence, TOON Festival, Haarlem, Netherlands.

November 2004  Awarded a BAFTA Scotland for

December 2003     Artist in residence, directing new Lappetites project, STEIM, Amsterdam.

November 2002     Artist in residence , researching live sampling a room. AVATAR , Québec City.

April 2000    Award of Honors,cd cécile, AWcd0003. Ars Electronica, Prix 2000.

January 1996 Artist in residence, STEIM,Amsterdam.Working designing live sampling software LiSa. August 1995 Artist in residence, 5th European Choreographic Forum. DISS, Devon.

May 1995 Artist in residence, new live sampling instrument, LiSa. STEIM, Amsterdam.

January 1995 Artiste résidence, SONUS, Conserv.Superieure de la Musique Electronique, Lyon.

1995-now. Seminars, workshops, lectures on her work and associated ideas to students at :-

The University of Adelaide, Australia; The University of Maryland, Baltimore,USA; Maryland Institute of Contemporary Arts, Baltimore; Bard College, MFA program, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA; Connection Barens, Kirkenees, Norway; Sound Studies MA, University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany; TU Berlin;  Bath Spa University,UK; Brunel University, London; The CCA,Glasgow; De Montfort University, Leicester, UK; University of the Arts, Kings Cross campus, London; Camberwell College of Art, London; City University, London; Goldsmiths,University of London; The Guildhall, London; St Martins College of Art, London; The London College of Communication, London; The London College of Printing, London; CalArts, Los Angeles; RMIT, Melbourne, Australia; University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK; Oberlin Music Conservatory, Ohio, USA ; the Fine Art Academy, Oslo, Norway; Shanghai Music Conservatory; University of Western Australia, Perth, WA; University of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA; University of Keele, Staffordshire, UK; Mixed Media Academy, Sydney, Australia; RPI, Troy, New York, USA.


Selected Magazine Features.


2004 BOMB:ART AND CULTURE INTERVIEWS, New York. Issue no.89. Interview by Anthony Huberman .

2003 The Wire. Issue no September ‘Kaffe Matthews’. By Will Montgomery.

2002 Improvised Music from Japan. 2003-2003, IMJ 301.Tokyo. Kaffe Matthews.

2001 Electronic Musician. San Francisco. ‘Wired up Women’. Feature.

1999 SKUG,Vienna . April. ‘Kaffe Matthews’ by Heinrich Deisl.

1998 Revues et Corrigé ‘Kaffe Matthews’ by Jerome Noetinger, traduit par Pascal Rivore.

1998 Fourth Door Review. Issue 3. ‘Cyber-fem on the edge of geo ambient’ by Oliver Lowenstein.

1997 MUTE,Digital Art . Winter, issue 7. ‘Hub-Capped Diamond Studded Halo’ by Pauline van den Brouek.

1996 The Wire. Issue no December. ‘No Mean Fiddler’. By Clive Bell

Selected discography.

2007 mount magnet. Multichannelled work for DVD, Optofonica, Amsterdam

2005 Before the Libretto. The Lappetites. Quecksilber10.CD + agf, Ryoko Kuwajima, Eliane Radigue.

Labo MTL. Oral06. CD + Martin Tetreault and Leon Lo, Montreal.

2004 INTERFERENCE:Public Sound. Double cd. IPS151217072/4: + Radio cycle mp3 mappings.

Lifting Concrete Lightly: MIMEO(director +producer). Triple CD. Serpentine Gallery.

Environmental Cleaning Moments. 12” vinyl. catno.:M12.07/2

Vigilare for Broken Channel. DVD.CocosolidC1T1. cat 009.

2003 cd eb and flo. Double CD Annette Works. cat no. AWcd0005-6

2002 in case of fire take the stairs. CD & SachikoM,

Weather Made. CD. Annette Works. cat no. Awcdr01

2001 cd dd. CD. Annette works . cat. no.AWcd0004

Locks CD with guitarist Andy Moor(the Ex) no 02U

still a slapper. Double 7”vinyl. catno.:M7.01/2

The Hands of Carravaggio. CD MIMEO.

Dish. Film soundtrack, Film 4 short.

2000 pointy stunt, CD with Hayley Newman. Audioview.


A Clean Slate. Film soundtrack,Feature, Meloni Poole.A New Millennium Commission.

1999 cd cécile. CD.Annette Works .AWcd0003

this many planes. 7” vinyl. SSS52, Pittsburgh, USA.

Rude Mechanic,Double CD. Piano 200.(Collaboration+Pan_Sonic,Rude Mechanic)Beaconsfield.

96 Rice Kids,Female of the Species Double CD, Compilation, Law and Auder records.

1998 cd Bea. Annette Works AWcd0002

1997 cd Ann. Annette Works AWcd0001

how many planes are there in the sky at any one time? CD,Resonance,vol6.Res.CD6.2.

1996 Pink Noir. CD with David Toop.

1995 soft boiled. CD ‘The Soundworks Exchange’. + Shinkansen+Goethe Institute .

1994 a text of violin music. Video. Simon Biggs.

Kaffe Matthews.    music for bodies.     Annette Works.

AudRey,  17b Ellingfort Rd, London E8 3PA. UK.