Sonic Bed stays at Funkhaus

The Sonic Bed, the original  Sonic Bed_London has been invited to stay at the Funkhaus through the winter concert series there. Fantastic news. It sits and sound so well in the space it could have been made for it.

It will be open to give visitors extraordinary experience through sound & vibration before every concert programmed there for the rest of 2017.  Free.



Loop 2017, 10 – 12 November.

Sonic Bed_London  plays and the visitors pour in.  The experience seems even to create a surprise for everyone. Thank you loop production team for unfailing support and energy. Most especially Craig Schuftan. Bed has had such a welcome, what we need next, is to find somewhere for it to stay.

Ideas? please contact..

Tuesday 7th November


Sonic Bed_London is installed in block B2 in the Funkhaus, Berlin. It really does sound amazing. Warm and full and bursting with life.  Passing artists all busy setting up for this huge event are surprised by it too. What’s interesting is that this is the first time I’ve had any creative space with a Bed in years. So many works made and directions since and now being with this idea and instrument I made 12 years ago, it’s  surprisingly resonant. So .. I’ve decided to stay with and remix afresh for the space. We open on Friday morning.

This huge event is the Ableton loop 2017 summit.  Delighted to be taking part and honoured to be at the Funkhaus. Histories.

Sunday 5th November


#sonicbed squeezed into the van with 2mm to spare, so ! .. the doors are closed and we’re driving East.  London 7.30am depart, the tunnel, turn left, through Northern France, Belgium, Holland, don’t get lost through the Ruhr valley and the network of motorways – thank you lady Google – only stopping for minimal breaks, and we’re pulling into Berlin @8.30pm local time. Driving overland…. it’s daft. It’s a luxury. And this physical connection that gets made every time between two places is deeply, subliminally meaningful.  I suddenly envy long distance lorry drivers. Are they happier?

Thursday 2nd November



Long time audio collaborator Dave Hunt has come over to Bed storage to put Sonic Bed_London, the first one, through her paces with me. Three Beds have been wrapped in storage here since their performance in The lock shift songs (2014)  and last night I finally decided that it was Sonic Bed _London, that would be extracted to come to Berlin for the installation at loop 2017 at the Funkhaus next week.

It’s a good day. We unwrap, lay out, connect, switch on, move a fader and lo, she plays. Every amp, mid, tweeter, sub vibrates, the pink balls fly around, the sounds come, go and recombine in that Sonic Bed way.  Incredible David Muth, it was 12 years ago almost to the day that we finally had this software ready to go, and Craig Helliwell that you had the last corner polished to your brilliant satisfaction.


Friday 13th October


A great night. Music people vegan food neighbours and even better to discover that the living room combinations inc sound system created a great acoustic for players and listeners. gottsched night #2 ? Ja !- onwards.. January 2018.

Thursday 12th October

Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz are setting up in the living room. They’ll be playing the first of the gottsched nights haus concert series to run quarterly here. The idea is to offer a small multi-channel lab for players to come use for the making and performance of spatialized pieces. It’s been good to discover that there’re many folks  now purposefully working with space in music making here.  And not just amplified either.

Magda Mayas was meant to open on clavinet but I watched her slice off the top of her finger on Monday in Gothenburg so the wonderful Julia Ready on acoustic 12 string has stepped into the breach. It’s an exciting moment preparing. Get well Magda.

We’ll also be recording all performances with an ambisonic microphone.

Tuesday 10th October

I’m just landed from warm after Iceland Gothenburg where I presented the practise of bicrophonics on Monday and duetted with sharks in ~ Love Shark on Tuesday at a fascinating Performance Symposium. Never enough time to cover all the topics raised, and strange to find  people still flat out making new instruments to control the physical play of sound over and above an interest in the sound itself. Small academic audiences of multiple performic backgrounds are also curiously different atmospheres to play within.  An interesting way to step back onto acoustic dry land after the whales.


In search of a sperm whale- day six



Why go to the moon? Iceland is much closer. We’ve come out to the hot mineral waters at Mývatn. Deliciously sulphurous mud bubbles steaming out of the ground, you can go sit in pools of water at 38C amongst rocks and get healed, or climb up to craters of the bluest water where space and combinations of colours create landscapes so new it’s not Earth.  As mysterious as the ocean even?



Where are the whales now?



In search of a sperm whale- day five



The sea has calmed the wind has dropped and we’re on board a non silent whale watching tug (the silent one only goes in summer) out of Húsavik. I’m sparked with anticipation but also sure we won’t see whales as we’re late in the season. I’ve brought a surround sound mic suspended in a basket with jammer that I place on a tripod about where Pedro our guide is standing below. Not the best place for sound as a distorted speaker pipes his shouted whale tales directly at it, but it’s the safest. As soon as we’re leaving the harbour the boat is heeling on huge rollers, spray and pre-trip fish and chip lunch vomit flying everywhere. It’s wild.



7km out at sea. We wait. Other watchers boats wait. Pedro assures us the whales are there. Humpbacks and maybe minke. I’ve been with humpbacks in the Pacific but this will be the first time in the Atlantic. I’m somehow not very concerned with the whales though. I’m monitoring my recording and  getting more involved in the observation of the tourist human. The anticipation onboard is palpable. Nervous laughing, checking on each other, fiddling with cameras and lenses and the huge waterproof coats. Preparing to be ready at all costs to witness the moment when one of these unknown and magical beasts of the deep might break the surface.



And then it happens. “Whale! at 2o’clock!”  Oooooooooooo! Ooooooo! gasps the boat and folk turn and yell “Oh OH ooooo WeeoOW!” Aim the lenses zoom click click click. And I look up and there it is and woop up comes the white underside of the tail and it dives and we go quiet and Pedro shouts and the sea swells and the boat spins and charges in the direction that the whale has gone and then pauses ….. wait wait wait… and then again “Whale, wow there he comes! 6 oclock! ” yells Marie from her perch up the mast and whale curves her back beside us and dips and is gone, no tail. Oh. diappointment, sigh.. but then, O O Pedro is near hysterical. ” Beside us! There he comes! ” and whale swims close beside us and opens her huge mouth massive wide and gulps in a huge sloop of sea and she’s right beside us, barnacles and all and the smell is salt water death.