Sunday 21st September

September 22nd, 2014

2ndWardScore2 2nd Ward| 2ō Barrio – A Bike Opera’s score grows. Our daily workshops with local 9 years olds, writers and musicians continue to create great material and the developing designs on our 8 sonic bikes, including 3 for kids, produce a few issues such as electrical audio interference and a loss of bass on these open streets. Houston gives the impression of focused finance and gleaming high rise, but that’s just downtown. We work in the 2nd Ward in the Eastside where homes are wooden bungalows sitting in gardens with dogs and trees and quiet empty roads.  The feeling is almost rural so quiet it is. Great for listening but with no urban architecture for moving speakers to reflect off we struggle for audio definition. Combined with the new tech, there are issues still to solve, but this collaboration with Vampire Squid Lab and our own BRI is proving brilliant and will continue. Produced by Nameless Sound, we open on Saturday 27th September @ 11am. Everyone welcome. DETAILS.

Wednesday 17th September

September 17th, 2014

Monday 15th September

September 15th, 2014

SonicBIke_HoustonMk2Sonic bike_Houston takes shape at Vampire Squid Lab, our collaborators building the Texan team out here. Tight schedule. Please FOLLOW Bicrophonic Research Institute for daily up dates, @bicrophonics

Friday 12th September

September 13th, 2014

BikeRouteSeekers2Last night Abel and Denis Cisneros took us on a bike tour of the neighbourhood. Good to follow someone else’s route as well as the stories that came with the things and noises and smells we passed. In this afternoon’s workshop, we made traces from routes with the girls. Dave made 2 great trombone solos from the straight route from my house to the workshop, and the bendy route from his. The girls all opted to make solos from their homes and the results were amazing. 100% focused performances tracing their graphic scores, playing things like maracas or 4 sequential tones on a marimba really slowly or intense djembé. And it was a Friday after school. Bodes well for next week. Now I can get down to some weekend recording. Except we seem to have Texan storms lurking.

Thursday 11th September

September 12th, 2014

2ndWardteam1Monse has brought in prototype 1 of Sonic bike_Houston. What a colour scheme! We’re sourcing cruiser bikes here. They’re the European sit up and beg type replacement and are perfect for sonic biking having wide handlebars and a soft fat seat that tilts you back for floating about listening rather than going anywhere.

Wednesday 10th September

September 12th, 2014


We find special places on the map. Where we are, where we live, school, where one Granny lives, Jack in the Box and the Buffalo bayou. The streets seem often named after people or things or places and curiously not many know what a canal is though a bayou is familiar. Frustratingly we’re not allowed out to explore and the internet is screened, so we make routes and write stories from the fantastic words that appear instead. It’s a good compromise.

Tuesday 9th September (2)

September 11th, 2014

workshop1MrDavidWe have a fabulous group from the area to work with. 9 girls from local schools, musicians Denis and Abel Cisneros and Mr D and Mr David from Nameless Sound. And this is just a portion of the content contributors!

Tuesday 9th September

September 9th, 2014

Mapping_DaveDove3 8am. Out cycling the streets of 2nd ward in Houston’s East End with Dave Dove. Cicadas hum electricity high frequencies through the 30C heat, and it’s quiet. Suburban streets feel almost rural with bungalows spread out and downtown skyscrapers peeping occasional through pines and palms. I’d forgotten Texas cities. Landed last night to begin the making of  ‘2nd Ward- a bicycle opera | Segundo Barrio- una opera en bicicleta’ with Nameless Sound. It’s our first BRI project and there’s been loads going on here already. Great! to be here and starting..

Monday 1st September

September 1st, 2014

summerlearning This summer I went to sea with Paul Gillerion to learn how to travel over sea by by wind. It’s about feeling the Earth move, the winds and currents being pulled and pushed by our watery planet revolving in space. Oh and gravity. Has been the best way to recoup after such a year. Now back in London, I prepare with the BRI to go to Houston to make our first BRI sonic bike opera. It will be a collaboration with kids and seniors from the 2nd ward of Houston’s East End, engineers from VampireSquidLabs, produced and commissioned by Nameless Sound. DETAILS.

Monday 28th July

August 1st, 2014

lockshiftbreakdonwWhat a recording night ! now the wonderful Lee, Aaron, Jean Paul and Liam help break down.  Farewell lock shift. for now…