Saturday 1st August

August 1st, 2015

BikeManDantestPals2Day Five-Six. They cut to the chase. Kaffe has cut the square’s map right back to basics and the sound not found sound has gone. In the pi, unlike the BBoard, the file plays when sound fails to load. So too many sounds being asked to load and unload in too small a space -> pi freakout. Solution. Cut back system demand OR ride very slowly. This is then the balancing act for this making. How to set up worthwhile adventure through sound seeking. Can the bike ride super-slow in itself be enough? There needs to be fun too, it’s summer and it needs to reward enough so that folks want to ride.  Of course these are the Q’s that have been rising and falling all week,  and just with one bike. Next week, there will be 12.  Remember of course, here there are no routes or scores to be determined by street histories and architectures. Millenium Place is a stage and a series of paths by many. Daily and one off’s. The good thing is that the daily folks in the square are super interested with time to talk, and Dan is the most brilliant #bicrophonic assistant a project could ever wish for. Onwards. (Note, that choir sound gorgeous #bicrophonics  )

Thursday 30th July

July 30th, 2015

sonicbikehomelabWDay Four. It’s a late one at home lab Cov. (Yes they are ejected from the Museum at 17.30h which is tough although they’re getting better at the fobs for every door). Chauntry Place, which runs between the Museum and Lady Herbert’s garden has the atmosphere of the beguinhof in Ghent. Dan has discovered that these houses were in fact built as almshouses for women and Kaffe is delves deep into online archives seeking organs choirs Cov sung songs of a related nature. She finds just the thing. Cov choir ‘Here we are singing’. Slung across the thump throb click tones or even the fat club beat she’s crafted for the southern most point of the Place where the boarders gather, its simply beautiful. Looking forward to #bicrophonic s with it tomorrow.

Wednesday 29th July

July 29th, 2015

ResidenceTransMuseumDay Three. despite yesterday’s optimism, it starts as a chip at the coal face. Grey and cold in the square and office atmos in the lab despite their antics. However, Nick from Imagineer Technologies comes by to help on power loss in lab bike, and Kaffe trades a brain card, Cov score map and sounds for the pi he has installed in the sonic bike for kids. Yes. Nick is the designer who’s quietly got on and installed speakers and BRI tech on a trike for the show. It should be ready for the weekend. Top. He also inserts more fundamental electronic understanding into the brains of Dan and Kaffe in 10mins than they have ever before received. By the afternoon fired on new knowledge and optimism, things are rocking and the solution on bass overload in Kaffe’s throb thump tones is of course to work from the bike. She designs again a new studio and #bicrophonics roll.

Tuesday 28th July

July 28th, 2015

@bicrophonics2Day 2. Inside our lab at Cov Transport Museum, it’s quiet with diligent labour. Outside it’s noisy.  Families and groups of kids and Chinese students and seagulls. Yesterday in the square, the #bicrophonics approach was one shot with pitch change on direction. The zones mapped were all triggering different files so distance accuracy seems OK, but the the sound not found sound often played.  First thing I check map zone names and sound files loaded and all are present as necessary. I mail DG and TK with ride log codes for input. Also to check we don’t have hidden map gremlins.

Now I spend time making new sounds. Now I am here I hear exactly what is needed. Synthetic. This place, Millenium Place, sits as a boomerang add on of someone’s thought which visually has nothing to do with anything else. Yes there already is chaos so why not add to it/does it matter? Evidence abounds in the architectural jumble of Sainsbury’s, bus station, busy crossing street, monstrous new Student Village 40 storey red black grey eyesore and remnants of failed Millenium art works.

Many people come and go through the place in a steady trickle though whatever the weather. Older Sikh men alone, groups of Chinese students noisy, mums with kids, waiting people, sitting people, walking people, standing people, old couples looking for seats or tea. Today is grey and cold.

Now I expand the crossover area of zones. I make simple rhythmic motifs from supercollider tones that together will weave complexity. Its a twofold test:

1. trying the rhythms against each other as we have multiple bikes playing the different parts

2. checking GPS pickup accuracy of these small zone sizes.

Somehow machinic patterns are emerging. Does this reflect the machinery we are surrounded by here at CTM? or the product of my software/brain. The tones are full of bass and snappy clicks. I am reminded of Senegalese drum pattern complexities as I layer and slightly alter positions of layering. With many bikes rolling, this will be orchestral.

We step outside and the greys have departed.  #bicrophonics roll.

Monday 27th July

July 27th, 2015

CK7_nB5WIAMs7_nDay 1 in Coventry with the BRI making The Coventry Pedalling Games. We have the new Pi2 and the old swamp Beagleboard systems both running on Lab bike, each sys with its own peculiarities. Dan Hayward aka BikeManDan is here helping. Ideal. Based at the Transport Museum, the piece being for Millenium Place outside, Dan is delving deeper into the forepeople of #bicrophonics, ie, the inventors of the systems that enable bicrophonics and who the yellow bike team are named after. Kaffe meanwhile is in Millenium Place doing Day 1 mobile composition. Opens 8.8.15 , 11.ooh.

Friday 24th July

July 24th, 2015

Sonic bike work ‘Pedalling SeaSides’  running along the beautiful Dutch coast is heading for it’s final week.  Here’s a taster ride from Kijkduin, taking off along the North East bike path towards Duindorp.

One of the most liner and surreal pieces to date, Pedalling SeaSides even manages momentary bike to helicopter transformations. It is Matthews ninth sonic bike work and was commissioned by iii The Hague, made with support from DCR, locatieZ and Thee aan Zee.

Pedalling SeaSides is open daily at 525 Delta Plein, Kijkduin to 2nd August. DETAILS.

Monday 13th July

July 13th, 2015

pedallingseasidesOPEN2News through that Pedalling SeaSides interest spreads in Kijkduin. OPEN daily to August 2nd.

Tuesday 7th July

July 7th, 2015

pedallingseasidesOPEN3 Making a site specific art work is one thing. Making an interactive piece that needs people to not just look at it but step over another threshold to do it is yet another. iii have plans in the bag. Watch this space.

Sunday 5th July

July 5th, 2015

pedallingSeasides takesshape So this is inside the map score that I’ve made here.The different coloured zones are linked to different audio files so that cycling through each one calls up the file of that name. Notice the numbers of layers. Also some zones will trigger a zone just to play when you are in it and some will trigger it to play even when you have left. This is the basic system Dave completed in 2012 for the Swamp that was.  Our shop, ie where you can pick up the bikes, is just south of the centre of zones. Locally you’d say that the piece runs from Duindorp down to the Sand Engine. The Sand Engine is a brilliant work of coastal engineering built for its protection as well as a place that attracts quantities of kite surfers. It also provides glistening vistas of sea and sky across the dunes with the Hook of Holland’s machines silhouetted black on the far and smoky horizon.

Saturday 4th July

July 4th, 2015

pedallingseasidesOPEN Pedalling SeaSides opens in Kijkduin, beautiful coastline just outside den Haag, NL.
Available daily, DETAILS..