Friday 26th June

June 26th, 2015

kijkduinSeafront den Haag is a veritable utopia for cycling. Pink paths stride wide on highways, curl behind houses and canals, past parks and water and children’s playgrounds of brightly coloured sculptures for play. Kijkduin is sci-fi atmospheric and strangely colourless. Dull beige brick blocked in handsome flats on grey with repetitive shops and cafés and a line of seafront places for eating. The wind and vistas to sea and sky over wide sandy beaches are sublime. We will have a shop for the sonic bikes in the heart of this from 1st July. Until then I have a studio at locatieZ, nestled behind in the trees. A smooth 30min ride from city centre and stunningly quiet. Lee transports and Marjorie is seaside researcher. We’ve been here since Sunday and Pedalling SeaSides is truly on the way. Commissioned by iiinitiave we open Saturday 4th July and run to 2nd August.labZ

Thursday 11th June

June 11th, 2015

LabBIkeHome2Landing back London time. Now to practice multiple bike parts across small zones in London Fields. What can the GPS manage?

Wednesday 10th June

June 10th, 2015

coventrypedallingScore1 I’ve mapped the square. Cycling area very small. One shot small sound zone use in three parts though should produce harmony and cacophony, ie. much fun for sonic cycling players. BBC Radio Warwickshire came to hear all about it and were enthusiastic at this thought.

Tuesday 9th June

June 9th, 2015

TransportMusCovResidency1We are installed and museum life happily grows  on us. We slow cycle Millenium Place and the small hood behind. The hood behind reveals a microcosm of the underbelly that is Cov. Leave the space of the square with its residues of removed/failed millenium art works, past an ancient fragrant garden then it’s under the highway to a small dark skate park, graffiti, empty bottles, aroma piss. The city here reveals a vivid dichotomy. Dirty crumbling buildings, empty parking lots, clusters of feisty girls and guys skating and jamming, single people striding accompanied by an overall feeling of emptiness. London is so full, every inch, however struggling the £££, being grabbed as you watch by someone to build fast for finance. This feels like the wilds. Where has everyone gone? Yet those here are so helpful and interested and into the sonic bike idea with plenty of ideas as to how to do it it’s inspiring and more than worthwhile. One point … “Cov is terrible for cycling!”  say the cyclists…. OK , lets sonic bike activism go !

Monday 8th June

June 8th, 2015

MilleniumPlaceMillenium Place is a meeting and hanging and crossing place for many. It’s noisy due to a huge TV screen that blasts out local news and sometimes bleak. I’m mapping 5 different GPS zones across and 3 layered down as a frame over which ghost zone sounds will float about. There will be 12 sonic bikes in action for this. 11 yellow and 1 black and they’ll carry 3 different parts between them.  An ingredient for the rider will be see how slowly you can ride. It’s a small area. Ahha. The Coventry Pedalling gamesters.

Sunday 7th June

June 7th, 2015

LabBikeprepsCoventrytripA Sunday afternoon. Lab bike is prepped for tomorrow’s early morning cross town trip to Euston and thence the pendo to Coventry. A few days recce in Millenium Place in front of the wonderful Transport Museum will run till Wed.  Good to be getting going on a UK work. The Coventry Pedalling Games will open Friday 7th August, commissioned for the Festival  of Imagineers 2015. The yellow team meanwhile are still charging around Brussels.

Friday 5th June

June 5th, 2015

ArrivingZurichNikiArriving Zurich to play 3-Tage Strom Electronic Music festival. 30degC super 1st summer night so Zurich folk are deliriously sipping cool beer lakeside reluctant to come inside for noise. Who can blame them?  Those that do therefore are super interested and the sharks fly well through 8 speakers. Many thanks Simon for sound and Tobias, Jolande and Michelle for super hosting. Till next time. Sonic bikes in Zurich? Great string animations Gordon ! See below.GordonMonnohan

Tuesday 3rd June

June 3rd, 2015

RedBikeNews through from Brussels that Finding Song Home and sonic bikes going well despite unfriendly weather. Above, Red Bike posing at the opera house, one of the eight new sonic bikes buillt for Brussels that will remain permanently to create new projects.

Friday 29th May

May 30th, 2015

audiopolisShowmadridArriving CentroCentro in Madrid to play Audiopolis show. Security intense. Sound inside so clear its husky. Good to be here. Looking forward to playing..

Tuesday 26th May

May 27th, 2015

MurciaLanded Murcia to play at the Fonoteca, SONM, Murcia tomorrow night. I think the last time I played Spain was Madrid in 2002 with Andrea Neumann. Excellent to be here. A small tour curated by Francisco Lopez, with Lee Patterson also playing, and us going to Madrid to play on Friday. I’ll perform Love Shark and screen Hammers gather through 4 channels in the auditoriums. To get me in the mood I found superb polpo for dinner. Or was that just an excuse?