Sunday 6th September

September 6th, 2015

SummerPedalOpenSunDay Two of the Summer Pedalling Games and it couldn’t be different. Sunshine, we’re at the south end of the park by Broadway market and we’re better at handing out bikes with all the signing and info and talk that goes with it. The bikes are in demand immediately and visitors often have to wait. More than 150 ride and the enthusiasm that spreads breeds talk around space and sound and performance and architecture and gentrification and biking slowly and biking as floating through space and set design and colour and listening and in the park and out of the park and film making. We also gratefully receive generous feedback on subjects such how to give info to the public. By 6pm we’re wrapped and sit in the park to discuss this very subject too. eg. we could have had a sign saying:
“Take a bike & cycle around the park. Each bike has it’s own soundtrack. Cycle around the park to trigger the different sounds. Here’s a map of where the bikes sounds and musics play.. if you want to hear them all.”  I think we’ll be better at it next time.. eg. The Autumn Pedalling Games ?

Saturday 5th September

September 5th, 2015

SummerPedalOpenSatCold and raining but ‘The Summer Pedalling Games‘ open at the north end of London Fields park. Immediately bikes are buzzing and singing in and out of the park attracting all kinds of users. Good to finally hear what the #bicrophonic artists have made after all the discussion and action in and out of AudRey Lab with the #sonicbikes these weeks. Better still for it to be happening here in our local park. Day One of this BRI local experiment and it couldn’t be better.  SPECIAL NOTE : Francesca Sargent  has also managed to join us. She is the coder from foAM Kernow who made our new mapper meaning the possibility of multiple map making anywhere at the same time. Delighted to finally meet you! For more info on mapping, please go HERELisaByKristian

Lisa Hall rides William by Kristian Buus.

Friday 4th September

September 5th, 2015

sonictrikearrivesAfter several struggles sonic trike has moved to London to join the #sonicbike team. Thank you Lisa and Nick @Imagineer Technologies for the transport and design. Yes this is the world’s first sonic trike, designed by BRI and built by Nick Martin who also improved tech efficiency and look as detailed 8th August news. This means that trike is in town ready to perform any of the nine artists works made for The Summer Pedalling Games, opening in London Fields tomorrow 11am. Ready!

Tuesday 1st September

September 1st, 2015

Did you miss Millenium Pace in August? Another virtual experience of  The Cov Pedalling Games here..

Friday 28th August

August 28th, 2015

Did you miss The Cov Pedalling Games? Worry not. You can get a virtual square ride here


Thursday 27th August

August 27th, 2015

BicroMapCollective#bicrophonic artists make progress. Bikes and artists in and out of studio daily. Today the collective map is as busy as this and still more than a week to go. We met today and it’s agreed to also put the whole lot on one bike. William?  Follow daily PROGRESS. Opens 11am 5.9.15 E8 3PE

Saturday 15th August

August 27th, 2015

bicrolearning1 I’m running the first #bicrophonic workshop for ten selected artists and composers after a May BRI call out with generous response. More than interesting to be finally sharing this practice I’ve been developing alone in different countries for 3 years. Cov Games was the 10th sonic bike work I’ve made since building the #sonic #bike team with Dave foAm and timelab, 2012. Now, not only can ‪#‎bicrophonics‬ get rolling in London but each artist is composing for their own bike with their own map. Yes.  BRI has also taken a huge stride developing a many user same time mapper system with Francesca foAm Kernow.

10 sonic bikes 10 new works ~ The Summer Pedalling Games on the way, showing London Fields Sept 5-6th.

Please follow PROGRESS and EVENT details.

Sunday 9th August

August 26th, 2015

Sonic trike and Millenium Place with it’s role in Cov life created a new situation for bicrophonic activities and ultimately the huge success of this project.  Find out more HERE.


Saturday 8th August

August 20th, 2015

TrikeAction6Girl_wThe hit that is sonic trike. Check design details, thanks to Nick Martin at Creative Solutions.  minirig speakers in chopped and folded cutlery holders, subwoofer strapped into back basket, pi2, lithium battery, output alarm flashing away in neat grey box on bike stem, all quietly complementing this lightweight easy to maneouver instrument of bicrophonic delight. The visitors book confirmed this. Sadly its over all too fast and the show is wrapped by 18.00h. The good thing is, this could be the start of some serious bicrophonic hardware development. More trikes for all?TrikeActionW

Friday 7th August

August 20th, 2015

MapSqShow_w We open the Coventry Pedalling Games at 11am. Children and adults come ride all day. It’s a hit. Yes there’s the Festival, but there’s also sonic trike and the square around which people wobble slowly looking for sounds or charge round and round in circles the GPS tripping up in this small space, a stream of music flying after them. It’s fun and any trepidation caused by ‘performing’ just doesn’t arise. It’s more like let me do it. Many thanks to Dan Hayward and Bill Gee for unfailing assistance and support, and to Charlie, Jed and Rachel for handling the team and the queues. Even the BRI forefathers were on display.