Monday 13th April

April 13th, 2015

CoventryRecceMillenium Place outside the Transport Museum, Coventry. A curious gathering of architectural boomerangs, buses, and people with all kinds on bikes. In the museum itself, there’s a brilliant collection of the earliest bikes such as boneshakers, penny farthings, the stunning 1900 Rudge Companion and a breast supporting woman’s bike. Yes, out with the BRI recceing the square for a new gaming work here for August festival 2015. New design potential here we come.

Thursday 2nd April

April 2nd, 2015

FSHMapBoundaries This week back in London BRI lab and the outer boundaries of score map for ‘Finding Song Home’ are defined. Note the turquoise blue freedom trail running down to the south west. This runs beside the canal and takes you fast away from the crush and noise of Brussels city and into quiet and space. Relief. The top north west density of multi-coloured zones are Molenbeek, the central yellow square La Monnaie de la Munt and the lilac and dull routes are the highways defined by Google..

Saturday 28th March

March 29th, 2015

BorderCrossOpen1 BorderCrossOpen5Some incredible moments in ‘Funeral‘ with the Border Crossers adventures at the Palais de Tokyo last night. Next up, the Tanjong Pagar railway station, Singapore International Arts Festival, 17.9- 19.9.15.

Thursday 26th March

March 26th, 2015

BorderCrossersRehearseWhat a process. Our work morphs into a fascinating show. 12 x 30 minute chapters beginning at 18.30h at the Palais de Tokyo. The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers - OPENS TONIGHT – part of Secret Archipelago. Can you join?

Saturday 21st March

March 21st, 2015

BC_wedding1A week later and this is now the studio space. I have 12 channels in a 30m space and 22 performers with individual speakers. Marco is beside me running performers songs/pops from 3 different stages. The show is 5hours 40 minutes long. The Palais don’t want any noise after noon. The only ‘quiet’ time I can get is between 8 and 9am every morning. The hotel windows don’t open. However, of course we progress, things sound fabulous and we’ve made the rehearsals open so that we can play. The tech team are brilliant and kind and French, ie. great to work with. Oh, and there’s also a 30 minute Seine side walk every day to get going.

Saturday 14th March

March 21st, 2015

ELKA_ComesintoIt’s late Saturday night. I haven’t been able to leave the studio since returning from Brussels. Tonight I should be at Café Oto, a NESTA reception, a Common House gathering and Mikey’s party. But the ELKA has come into it’s own making such delicate fluctuations of ever changing tones that I can’t leave. I’m immersed in making 6 hours of music in 12 chapters for The Incredible Adventures of the Border Crossers. We open at the Palais de Tokyo on 26th March as part of Archipel. It’s the show from Singapore and all 28 of us will be there from Tuesday onwards. ELKA is perfect for Chapter 6 – Mundane/Every Day Life.

Thursday 12th March

March 21st, 2015

brusselsbikesGoodbye Brussels bikes. See you in April. A rich work we forge!  Many thanks Q-02, Globe-Aroma, Vaartkapoen, La Monnaie and [foam] people.

Monday March 9th

March 21st, 2015

florianearlyscoreI’m extending my stay in Brussels. So much material is flooding in with more people wanting to contribute that it’d be daft to leave now. Yes the music has to be sourced then made then mapped here. Florian came by to play solo oboe selecting the blue route (girls songs) as score. Ivan brought his trumpet and played the whole map. He said later it was the first time he’d played for anyone apart from his teacher. Samson appeared with 7 edited chunks of Conté’s interview which is so mesmeric that I’m thinking to hang the entire piece around it. Moune’s church piano is perfect down Liverpool Rd – the curious street full of African car mechanics looking for work – and Prince’s talk on VIP passports adds the coda.  Do you know the expression VIP passport? I’m thinking of writing a song about it.

Saturday 7th March

March 21st, 2015

churchrecording2We’ve come to record inside the art déco Jean-Baptiste church in Molenbeek. There’s not enough congregation so the priest left and a friendly guy lets people visit most afternoons. This is our first time inside and Moune’s brought his accordion and Claudine will sing.  Moune already visited my Q-02 lab with a steaming guitar track he’s made for the piece, to be mapped ‘ where you can really ride Kaffe ‘.  Inside the church the reverb’s about 22seconds. Celine’s voice, even soft, fills it and Moune gets dreamy on electric pianos. We leave pretty blasted. Churches were surely built to transport.molenbeekichurchnside

Friday 6th March

March 20th, 2015

DSC_00679am but things are rocking at Vaartkaboen where we’re celebrating International Women’s Day already. Moroccan crepes, coffee and portrait photos then a trip to meet Saddie Choua. More interviews with Globe Aroma artists too – the rich diversity of material grows.