Friday 18th July

July 18th, 2014


The lock shift songs has opened.  A 47 channel installation which plays the seven verse song ” 77 starts with 7, walked in 7, 77 “ sung by the MK lock shift choir  immersed into a composition of processed canal recordings that shift, glide and spin within and between three Sonic Beds. Fabulous response. Such an adventure. Many thanks all.

Thursday 10th July

July 10th, 2014

adamPProgress. Brain machine successfully installed and we have sounds and song swooping up and down unit 99 with two Sonic Beds doing remotely what they’re told. Tonight brings in the third Bed and then I can get going with triadic score syntax. Yes, the wonderful Adam Parkinson has been in the house with Max for two days. After salmon then sharks together, interesting to be tackling the motion of a naturally static water source. I’m currently intrigued by the new range of sonic architectures I have to play with.  7 speakers zigzagging down the ceiling and 3 x 12 channel Sonic Beds creating 3 pools of vertical and horizontal detail beneath. Makes a new way of sound speaking in a space I’d not heard until today.  The lock shift songs.


Tuesday 8th July

July 9th, 2014

newcoverSbedSo who’s getting the new mattress cover? MK has an amazing outdoor market. The kind of fabulous market you think doesn’t exist any more where not only are the falafal just made, but the bread they are wrapped in is too. And despite vile Mr Material Man, he has wide range of ends of extraordinary fabrics and loads of custom. Lee and Kaffe dig around and bring up treasures. The lock shift songs proceed.

Monday 7th July

July 9th, 2014

3rdbedINSonic Bed_Marfa is in. Up for the first time in Europe, being born in Texas, since performing in New York, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. With Sonic Bed_London and Scotland singing alongside here in Miss Geek, we’ll make quite an ensemble. Many thanks to Aaron for super Bench, Lee for super calm, Jonny for organising everyone and the extraordinary Dave Hunt for all audio solutions jokes and all. Great day. Progress. Three Sonic Beds are up for the first time in same space.

Saturday 5th July

July 9th, 2014

lockshiftinstalls2Next stop Milton Keynes. Miss Geek, unit 99, by the outdoor market and WHSmith entrance into centre:mk. Yesterday we packed up three sonic beds. Today we begin their install.  Yes, The lockshift songs are finally underway. Three sonic beds in one space. Linked by conductor machine. Full canal immersion anticipated,  with the song “77 starts with 7, walked in 7, 77″ rising and falling amongst. Opens 18th July . IF Milton Keynes International Festival 18th – 27th July.

Friday 4th July

July 9th, 2014

PGrest1#sonicbike team return for rest and fixes. Interactive work has its crashes, Lee forks twisted, Pierre William distorted mudguards and Nancy punctured. The sonic hard/software though remained intact and fully functional. (Note DG)

Thursday 4th July

July 9th, 2014

thePedallingGamesThe Pedalling Games were a fabulous experience for all of us at BRI. Many thanks to George Haworth, Lyubo Popov, the #sonicbike team, the adventurous cyclists and all the makers and fixers @NIME 2014.  WATCH   LISTEN 6’50”.   PROJECT UPDATES FOLLOW.

Tuesday 1st July

July 1st, 2014

ThePedallingGamesScoreThe Pedalling Games score complete, ready for our opening with 10 #sonicbicycles today in Fordham Park SE14. Commissioned by BEAM for NIME2014 it will be available from 1-6pm 1st – 3rd July. Come on down?


Saturday 28th June

June 29th, 2014

AdaMappingIn between rain bursts, Ada and Kaffe pursue rigorous mapping experiments in Fordham Park, SE14  for The Pedalling Games.  Bike synthesis research did not progress sufficiently so we are applying sonic mapping gizmo to the open space of this South London park which fluctuates from empty and London silent to being filled with scattered posses of dudes and mums and kids and loads of play. There are also 2 sand pits, some totem poles, all kinds of text engraved, a 5 laned sprint track and trees for the lions. Opens 1st July 1pm. DETAILS>

Wednesday 25th June

June 29th, 2014

GyroscopeBRI activity in the lab on sonic synthesis through bike riding has been experimenting with accelerometers and PD patchesbut now the gyroscope is hot favourite. We’re also working on a GPS based system to develop inter #sonicbike awareness which progresses though slowly.  As ever, work in a lab with a computer is a good start. But its not until its in the beagleboard on the bike that the real explorations can begin. George Haworth and Lyubo Popov are the new tech collaborators. Lab bike never looked so good and is looking forward to soling with the team in Fordham Park. The Pedalling Games,  BEAM@NIME 2014 commission. Opens 1st July.