Saturday 28th February

March 5th, 2015

soundcheckRoma3 Great to be back in Rome to play. This time invited by the wonderful Circuiterie , playing quad in a reclaimed cinema, projecting sharks in all directions, eating together before, drinking together after. Much to share. Rome too is changing so fast. Thank you all.

Friday 27th February

February 27th, 2015

Inside Regents1Sun shining cold morning Brussels as I pack the shark synthesizer to go play Roma at Circuiterie’s event in the Nuovo Cinema Palazzo San lorenzo, 9pm tomorrow.  Great Q-O2 rehearsal last night after singing with Lucy’s Met-X choir, sharks released and swooping through the space, rain dringling out, sonic bikes silent. Back to Brussels bikes on Monday, will be a good break.

Thursday 26th February

February 26th, 2015

mapThurs26th To maintain play of sounds linked to locations, ie. the mapping, we are having to ditch this week’s approach to sample processing through cycling. Disappointing news but there are alternative solutions. In the meantime, the located audios are getting great response from passers by. Check the guys packing up today’s market as Hinde, Maha, Aya and Lina’s rap bangs out through the gentle drizzle crossing Place Communale.

Wednesday 25th February

February 26th, 2015

workshopcontinuesLRandom folder seems to have scuppered things. The beaglebone is glitching trying to handle all this processing information and playback samples. The workshop continues unabated however and Ludo Engels has appeared to build up the new boxes on our Brussels bikes. Check these beautiful frames, plus they ride a treat. Built up by Jean Luc from cyclo super bike co-op downstairs.

Tuesday 24th February

February 26th, 2015

pitchingluking Now that pitching is in place, we’re pulling in other new parameters with the worm code. Start point shift, start point luking (a BRI definition to be revealed-) and volume. Sounding good. Random folders of sounds hooked to locations will be next.

Monday 23rd February

February 23rd, 2015

mapmon23w The bikes talk to each other! and this map already transforms Molenbeek, GPS response reliable and accurate. The Place Jean Baptiste is the top LH yellow and lilac pointed area. There were around 10 older men standing around talking in the cold this morning. As I weaved amongst them donging and bonging  in constantly shifting chords made by my paths, the guys started to watch and then shout and dong and bong laughing with me. Never had that reaction before. Later Tom and I took 2 bikes out and yes, the pitches of their dongs and bongs were whizzing up and down depending how close we were to each other. Fantastic. We’d discussed what is intimacy in sound at the workshop on Saturday and this was suddenly it.

Sunday 22nd February

February 23rd, 2015

PlacedelaMonnaiePlace de La Monnaie at the opera house in town is like this on Sundays. Place Communale in Molenbeek is like this, below. When the market is over it’s full of cars. We sonic cycle in and around Place Jean Baptiste, which is the smaller triangular square raised like a stage with the stunning modernist church in Molenbeek and decide, playing folders of randomly selected kids workshop material in layers with loop lengths changing as we go beep bong shout piano market seller chant- that it’s a great site for the game after all and certainly big enough. The range of audio layered in with synthetic dongs ranged over 2 octaves work amazingly well as a palette of sustenance on a cold afternoon and new ears of workshop people seem happy too.



Saturday 21st February

February 23rd, 2015

TomBrusselsBikesGood workshop kick off. We’re introduced to urban planning directions in the city as well as architectural builds to enhance acoustic experiences on the street and locally. First time I’ve had the chance to work with these considerations and gives Tom the chance to solve some ad-hoc wifi network gremlins. Interesting too that the USB audio dongles give much better sounding output than either the Beagleboard or bone.

Friday 20th February

February 23rd, 2015

MappingMolwnbeekLast day with the children at La Maison.  A 4 verse rap, identity interviews, a spitting song and a big fight all get made. Its a rap and we’re happy. Then Tom arrives from London and we prepare for the tech workshop starting tomorrow at Q-O2. Interactive bikes here we come.

Thursday 19th February

February 23rd, 2015

arabic lessonsIn between workshops I’m meeting other people and today it’s six women from Morocco who sing and play bendir and make tea and we eat cake and laugh a lot. Some of them also learn or teach Arabic which is taught in this beautiful sing song way. What a language. Well so is Moroccan. Guttural then percussive on the highs. I’ve never sat and listened to it like this before. Amazing. We arrange more tea and recording sessions and I’m to go to an Arabic class next week as well as learn how to make harsha. It’s the first non vegan thing I’ve found hard to resist. With the fat lentil soup at the Lebanese café across the Place Jean Baptiste, it’s perfect.