Monday January 9th

January 9th, 2017

Sharks flew at Turner Contemporary yesterday afternoon. Thank you super audience including great comment…  “I’ve grown six new ears”. Really good to play and discuss shark and music making approaches at the east English seaside.  That aroma just doesn’t change.

Saturday 7th January

January 7th, 2017

Visiting St Pancras lock to record the sound and time the volume change of the water that passes through as the lock empties and fills. It’s a recce and gathering of material for Saturday 4th February when I’ll be performing, apparently the first of its kind gig-in-a-lock,  this new immersive composition commissioned by the Canal & Rivers Trust, produced by Bill Gee. Good to revisit landscape change through journeys of canals and all that lives within them, remembering The lock shift songs of 2014.

Note the lock will be empty and you the audience and I will be in the bottom of this unique acoustic space, underwater shot projections alongside. There’ll be 3 performances from 6.30pm. All FREE but suggest booking.. Details to follow.

Wednesday January 4th 2017

January 5th, 2017

Delighted to be back in the studio shaping with sharks for performance at Turner Contemporary this weekend. It’s free and starts at 14.30h. Hope to see you. DETAILS.

Sunday January 1st 2017

January 1st, 2017

This New Year starts with a bang. New and old friends holding and lighting explosives that shoot into the sky from paper and cardboard packages carefully made then gone swoosh in a moment. The Noise is huge and glorious. Reflecting and joining and echoing the multiple moments of action all around. This year 17 needs more than hope. It needs activation.

(05.00h 1.1.17)

Friday December 30th

December 31st, 2016

It’s very simple. This year I have rediscovered the space I need to be in to make music. To actually play music. Not the intellectual composition space, but the live listening same time playing space. It’s simply a focus and concentration that I used to dive into daily for 3 or 4 hours in the studio. Work ideas, shoot off on journeys.  I haven’t been here for a long time, and it’s only truly come back this month. This December. At first in flashes, and these last weeks, in long chunks. It’s good to be back here as stereo music, on stage performance and album making seem relevant again.  2017 should even see cd GG. 

However, the maybe more important discovery is the realization that social media seems to have so invaded my being as to distract, prevent and disable me from getting into this space. Or rather in my attempt to manage it, so I have let it. Conclusion, however this has happened, I’m unable to deal with social media, namely Facebook, which I also completely distrust and don’t like the fact that I have been duped into using anyway. Time Eater that it is. So, as soon as possible I shall be coming off it. Watch this space.

Saturday December 17th

December 17th, 2016

Thank you everyone for such Birthday treats – books, music, lights, a jug, a cake cooler, cards, flowers, gin, dancing and skis. O. More Vegan Baking for you next year.

Friday December 16th

December 16th, 2016

Maurizio and Roberto Opalio are brothers who live in Turin but work on their music in their grandmother’s house up in the mountains. They have been doing this for 20 years. They perform as My Cat is an Alien improvising with voice, analogue electronics, feedback, homemade amplified string instruments and the things that happen between them when they play. The trust in their play space is tangible. I was sitting listening last night as they performed, realising I was starting to find the trippy looping conjuring-up a bit much, when fortunately I managed to abandon all pre-judgement and just listen to what was happening. Very quickly, I realised I hadn’t a clue what they were describing, but that to them it was utterly real. They were making something completely unique that had moments of magic. Fabulous. With Le Rêve exposition down the road and ah the Frenchness of Marseille an aperitif to setting up, it turned the evening’s Shark work into an enriching night. Many thanks everyone. Great to meet you too.

Wednesday 14th December

December 14th, 2016

Looking forward to playing Love Shark at Nuit d’Hiver #14, Marseille tomorrow.

20:30  à  Montévidéo

3, impasse montévidéo, 13006 Marseille , +33 (0)4 91 37 97 35


Love Shark                  [concert / 1ère partie]

Plongée électroacoustique au milieu des requins-marteaux dans les fonds marins des Galápagos. Une expérience immersive reproduisant musicalement les déplacements de ces animaux ancestraux.

Hope to see you..

Thursday 8th December

December 8th, 2016

I’ve been invited to make a quadrophonic composition for a space that’s only acessible to air breathing creatures once every 25 years. The inside of  St Pancras Lock, being drained as part of the Canal and Rivers Trust annual winter maintenance January 2017. What a great opportunity to revisit the miles and hours of lock material I gathered on  The Lock Shift Songs, adventure : although note dear audience, you’ll be invited into the bottom of an empty London lock in February,  February 4th 2017 in fact.  Mark the date plus waterproofs/thermos?  All part of the brilliant Canal Open Days that run throughout the year. FURTHER INFO HERE

Wednesday 7th December

December 7th, 2016

reh_stereo I hadn’t expected this in Berlin. A flimsy plywood pre-fab, albeit a beautiful one, to play in. Berlin gigs mean stone, concrete, brick, dark, sometimes damp. An industrial space, squat, church, gallery  – some kind of grounded history.  No this was a surprise and was a blast back to US tours in the late 90’s where I’ve found myself playing in upstairs book stores or cafes with a mono PA.  However, it all made super sense as I emptied bike panniers of cables and connected the tiny PA (inc sub, good) to my kit. I had come to make a new performance with the shark synthesizer in stereo and adapting to this unusual space was of course part of the bag. Fortunately it all worked out, even with no sound check, a varied and enthusiastic audience were keen to tell me afterwards. This was good. Since my research for Varèse professorship, I’ve been reinspired to revisit the stage and work live and stereo again. Last night showed this was really worth it.

Many thanks to Audrey Chen, Phil Minton and Ute Wasserman (performing here) for the invitation + fabulous concert and to Lixia for hosting.

Location, REH Geyersbach Kopenhagener Str. 17 Berlin.  6.12.15. Sells great recycled furniture in the day time.