Wednesday 5th November

November 5th, 2014

bordersstockholmDay 3 in studio 2 at EMS, Stockholm with The Lappetites.  A borderless world – dream or nightmare ? We’re researching land, power, language and state. Live processing, amplified slate writings, drawing, new languages, songs, fat pulse, super quiet, vowel choirs, a kik ass storm, through eight channel diffusion and no field recordings. Cool how the Lappetites have, individually in our own home bases (Hailuoto, Huddersfield and London) extended our instruments to beyond or without the laptop. More live action at the show on Friday too. @ Fylkingen, SOS  21.00h. Can you?

Monday 27th October

October 27th, 2014

MolSts3It’s been a great week with the BRI in Brussels overcoming the surprise that it’s a tough city for cycling, meeting many groups and individuals interested to work with us to make the music and song, workshop the soft/hard tech development and overall enable and facilitate the bike opera’s realisation May 2015. Another ingredient is the fact that we intend to open the piece with 2 performances in the square outside La Monnaie, central Brussels, and in the square in Molenbeek (above). Choreographed sonic cyclists swarming song? Sounds good to me. Follow progress here, @bicrophonics

Monday 20th October

October 20th, 2014

brusselsbike Arrived Brussels noon to get going on the new BRI sonic bike opera for May 2015. Its a collaboration with La Monnaie and Q-O2 with Cyclo and [foam] co producing. 4 consecutive meetings today but we’re all still smiling at the end, faces now put to names and ideas fixed to dates, people and hardware. We even have a tandem to play with not forgetting bikes transformed wherever you look.

Friday 10th October

October 10th, 2014

It’s the first try out in the campus with the sonic bikes, the mapped sounds and the girls. What a day that was. 3 before we launched 2nd Ward | 2o Barrio in Houston. Sonic bikes are growing over there.

Tuesday 7th October

October 7th, 2014

KidsSonicBikes4The BRI is the association set up to enable the building and development of independant sonic bike hubs and music making with them worldwide. 2nd Ward was the first international collaboration we made with this idea, seeing the bikes made locally with Vampire Squid Labs in Houston. Apart from the fact that we worked really well together making 5 new adult sonic bikes, we also made 3 for kids.  With 10 days before departing to Brussels for the next BRI project, this one with QO2, I’ve decided to gather parts to build a sonic bike-kid v.London. Follow BRI @bicrophonics and for further info on progress.

Monze (VSL – r), Damien (Rebecca’s brother-l) at 2nd Ward| 2 Barrio launch, Ripley House Community College. 27.9.14.

Friday 3rd October

October 3rd, 2014

Downtown-2ndwardBayou2Landing back in London, news comes through from Nameless Sound that Makerspace will also host the #sonicbikes for visitors to pick up the piece. Great. An amazing scene over there. eg. the Shrimp Boat Project  who used to build/repair bikes, are now building wings for boats. Houston living is fast! INFO

Wednesday 24th September

September 25th, 2014

2ndWardScore3The score not only grows but there’s been great content chop and change. The yellow blocks are the girls texts, pink the writers, brown the seniors, purple the grooves, red improvised groups and orange field recordings. The dense throng middle top beneath pink is Ripley House campus where you can come collect a bike and start. Lots of room for wheelies and finding sonic things to chase. Great few days getting the girls on the small sonic bikes. Still some tweaking on the design. Ideally we need smaller speakers and speaker bars as cycling itself is enough of a challenge. Onwards Vampire Squid Labs Nameless Sound  BRI . Saturday 11am 27th cometh.

Sunday 21st September

September 22nd, 2014

2ndWardScore2 2nd Ward| 2ō Barrio – A Bike Opera’s score grows. Our daily workshops with local 9 years olds, writers and musicians continue to create great material and the developing designs on our 8 sonic bikes, including 3 for kids, produce a few issues such as electrical audio interference and a loss of bass on these open streets. Houston gives the impression of focused finance and gleaming high rise, but that’s just downtown. We work in the 2nd Ward in the Eastside where homes are wooden bungalows sitting in gardens with dogs and trees and quiet empty roads.  The feeling is almost rural so quiet it is. Great for listening but with no urban architecture for moving speakers to reflect off we struggle for audio definition. Combined with the new tech, there are issues still to solve, but this collaboration with Vampire Squid Lab and our own BRI is proving brilliant and will continue. Produced by Nameless Sound, we open on Saturday 27th September @ 11am. Everyone welcome. DETAILS.

Wednesday 17th September

September 17th, 2014

Monday 15th September

September 15th, 2014

SonicBIke_HoustonMk2Sonic bike_Houston takes shape at Vampire Squid Lab, our collaborators building the Texan team out here. Tight schedule. Please FOLLOW Bicrophonic Research Institute for daily up dates, @bicrophonics