Wednesday 5th April

Back in Coventry with a bike to remember the sound and shape of this city. I’m in conversation with Imagineer Productions on the making of a Sonic Bike Opera in a few years. The project involves a vital educational strand working with eight and nine year old kids over three years as well as the opportunity to design and build specialist bikes. Yes, we’re looking long term and the Companion Bike, (check HERE ) is still hot favourite. This afternoon I’m meeting a group of the teachers and being brought up to date on what’s going on in the classroom. A central aim of this entire project is facilitating creative making and thinking skills through collective and hands on Imagination Making beginning in the classroom. Stage 1 therefore is working with teachers to teach and understand how to go about this the Imagineering way. Interesting and horrifying to discover what can and cannot go on in classrooms these days with restrictive Governmental systems and emphasis on quantifiable action and assessment. Language, ie. sharing ‘fact’ knowledge and ‘meaning’ through words seems even more important than ever.  Fortunately we get down to making and Alex, me and Cheryl produce the below. Roll a ball across a table the Rube Goldberg way is the instruction. Have a go with a couple of folk you don’t know.  You’ll learn loads about how we humans communicate and how we behave asked to do something daft but really important in 15 minutes.

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